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All Aboard The Classic Towns Trolley Tour

On July 28 representatives from 10 Classic Towns, as well as state officials, community development professionals and Bucks County Commissioner Diane M. Ellis-Marseglia joined DVRPC staff for a Trolley Tour of three Classic Towns.

Discover our Region’s Cultural Landscapes

Cultural landscapes allow us to explore our region’s past. While many are being lost to development, others are being revitalized and rediscovered, especially in the Classic Towns of Greater Philadelphia. Here are two ideal destinations for fall outdoor fun.

Home For the Holidays in the Classic Towns

‘Tis the season for Santa parades, holiday house tours, and shopping for that special someone. Well, there’s no better place to celebrate the most wonderful time of year than in the Classic Towns of Greater Philadelphia. All are sparkling with the joy of the season.

Tree lightings in particular, are when many communities come together to begin celebrating the season.

Livable Communities: The Choice of the New Generation

America’s Millennial Generation is the country’s most ethnically and racially diverse cohort of youth in the nation’s history. The Millennial generation, or Generation Y as many know it, encompasses those born from roughly 1980 through 2000. Research shows that this young, vibrant, and technology-savvy generation is setting a new course for the future that almost directly opposes that of their parents.

Collingswood Theater’s Second Act

Main street movie theaters were an important fixture in traditional small towns and close-knit communities. Over time, though, many have disappeared. This is not the case in a number of Classic Towns. Ambler, Lansdowne and Wayne are home to theaters that continue to thrive as entertainment destinations and community focal points. Collingswood’s Theater offers a unique alternative and powerful testament to the benefits of adaptive re-use.

Homes, Beautiful Homes

Hey realtors, if you’re selling homes in the Classic Towns, please send your contact information to so we can include you on our site.

Feeding a Community in Phoenixville

According to Joe McArdle, a Phoenixville realtor, the idea behind the Phoenixville Food Bank was simple: bring fresh local food to people in need while bringing the community together.