Bordentown City

Beautiful, blissful Bordentown City.

Bordentown City sits on the bluffs of the Delaware River at the mouth of the Crosswicks Creek. Beginning as a colonial transportation and business hub between Philadelphia and New York, Bordentown City has blossomed organically over the years to become a place defined by its history, diversity, and strong sense of community.

With a national and state historic district that encompasses much of Bordentown City, the community’s equally contemporary. Bordentown City is a Sustainable Jersey Certified Community and offers an abundance of residential, recreational, and cultural amenities that culminate to create a living, vibrant, and united community.

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Homes & Community

Residents enjoy the best of everything in Bordentown City. This progressive, peaceful hamlet offers an affordable and sustainable lifestyle with a charming, walkable downtown, safe, clean streets, and neighbors who take pride in maintaining the personality and character of their community.

Bordentown City’s housing stock reflects its rich history. Stately Italianate villas line its back streets and provide views of the Delaware River, while an eclectic mix of apartments, condos, duplexes, terraces, townhouses, and single-family homes round out its residential offering. The variety of architecture spanning pre-colonial to post World War II allows residents to enjoy unique, one-of-a-kind living spaces.

Parents will be pleased to know that Bordentown’s public and private elementary schools are walkable for all residents. Parkland, playgrounds, and other child-friendly attractions are also easily accessible by foot or bike.

Business & Economy

Bordentown City began as a trade route, benefiting from its riverfront and railways, while serving local farmers and merchants. Although its business offering has evolved, it remains just as strong.

Today, businesses are attracted to Bordentown City because of its well-established downtown district, its merchant associations, its realistic but progressive master plan, and the growing demographics of the region.

Many Bordentown City residents are entrepreneurs, restaurateurs, and professional service providers who work locally. Some work for leading companies, including Bristol Myers Squibb and Johnson & Johnson, which both have offices outside of the city. Nearby colleges, including Princeton UniversityRider University, and Thomas Edison State College, also provide career opportunities for city residents.

Others take advantage of plentiful public transit options. Bordentown City is served by NJ Transit RiverLINE light rail, which traces the Delaware River connecting Trenton and Camden with 20 stops in between. Connections to Philadelphia are available either through SEPTA in Trenton or via PATCO in Camden. Major highways also make it easy for residents to commute to careers throughout the region.

The Downtown Bordentown Association is a coalition of local businesses working together to support each other and strengthen the region’s economy.

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Activities & Destinations

It’s easy to stay busy in Bordentown City.

Community groups keep residents involved. A number of neighborhoods host events throughout the year, ranging from holiday celebrations to beautification projects. There are also plenty of youth activities provided through community and religious groups, including organized sports, scouting, outdoor activities, and art and music programs. The kids don’t have all the fun here, though. Adult organized sports happen regularly, too.

Parks also factor prominently in residents’ recreational enjoyment. From the Victorian Strolling Park on the Hilltop, to the carriage turn on the end of Prince Street to Gilder Park, home of Gilder Stadium, there are plenty of places to play.

For those who enjoy more scenic activities, kayaking, canoeing, fishing, and sailing are all available along the Delaware River and Crosswicks Creek. There are even two private Yacht Clubs in Bordentown City. And residents regularly take time to explore the Bordentown-Hamilton-Trenton Marsh, either on their own or with an area environmental group. It’s also not uncommon to see bicycle clubs winding their way through the city’s streets. Cycling is one of the city’s many pastimes.

This one-square mile city is also home to a host of historic attractions, artifacts, and architecture. From Clara Barton’s first school to ongoing archaeological excavations at Joseph’s Bonaparte’s house, Bordentown City is alive with historic treasures. Tours led by the Bordentown Historical Society are available, though it’s easy to explore these places on your own. Bordentown City also boasts more than 10 different dining experiences and over a dozen unique and specialty shops. Savor something special at I Scream U Scream Ice Cream Parlor. Browse through the bins at The Record Collector while enjoying a concert. And if the evening calls for a nightcap, you could head to the HOB (Heart of Bordentown) or find your way to The Farnsworth House.

What brings many to Bordentown City is its street fairs and festivals, which are favorites for locals and visitors alike. In the winter, Bordentown chases the blues away and celebrates the birthday of Thomas Paine. Spring brings the Bordentown Street Fair on the third Saturday in May, and in October, Bordentown City comes together to celebrate the best things to ever come from a bog – cranberries. Both the Street Fair and Cranberry Festival feature booths of juried arts and crafts, musical performances, and food. Come holiday season, Bordentown City celebrates the old-fashioned way with holiday house tours, carriage rides, and special celebrations.