“I Love Classic Towns'” Photo Contest

Love is in the air. So what better way to show your love than the “I Love Classic Towns” Photo Contest? This year we’re inviting professional and amateur photographers alike to submit photos showcasing everything they love about their favorite Classic Town(s).

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Make it a Date in the Classic Towns

Think you’re all of out places to take your date during the colder months? Think again. Winter is the perfect time to follow your heart and find all the warm and romantic retreats that the Classic Towns have to offer.

Whether you’re looking for world-class cuisine, live entertainment, or an intimate escape for two, you’ll find them all in the Classic Towns. We’ve collected ten divine destinations for romantic rendezvous. They’re sure to get your heart racing for Valentine’s Day and keep you warm through the winter.

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Life is Sweet in the Classic Towns

Looking for a decadent treat to impress that special someone? Then don’t reach for the same old box of chocolate at your local drugstore. There’s still time to discover the one of the Classic Towns’ many sweet spots. From world-class chocolatiers and national producers to fourth-generation family confectioners, there’s something for every taste and budget.

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Reasons to Love Life in the Classic Towns

The Region’s real estate market, appeal to prominent demographic groups, and economic strengths make it an attractive place to live and work.

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Related Event: New Jersey Future’s Redevelopment Forum March 9th

New Jersey Future, a nonprofit organization that promotes redevelopment among other land use policies, holds an annual Redevelopment Forum. Nearly 500 local and state officials, community volunteers, development professionals, planners, and leaders come together to discuss how new development can use existing infrastructure, take advantage of historically strategic locations, and improve communities. Learn more about New Jersey Future’s Redevelopment Forum.

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