10 Reasons Why Living in the Classic Towns is Ideal

With historic charm and modern amenities, the Classic Towns offer an intimate community feel while still being close to the city. From award-winning dining and activities, to transportation and parks, here are 10 reasons why living in the Classic Towns is ideal.

1. Sense of Community 

Creating a life in the Classic Towns means building upon a community foundation of wonderful people and deeply rooted pride. The citizens that make up their individual towns are committed to the success and growth of their communities while constantly welcoming guests with open arms. Government programs and specialized groups vigorously work to improve their towns and establish unique initiatives like public meetings and social media to involve the people of their towns. Citizens of the Classic Towns love where they live and are always happy to show off their businesses, restaurants, and traditions.

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2. Housing

Housing options in the Classic Towns range from traditional gems, to new construction, to updated apartment and condo complexes. Whether you are looking for a one-bedroom space with an easy commute or a larger home for the whole family, the Classic Towns offer something for everyone. You can find spacious yards, sought-after neighborhoods, and amazing curb appeal that strikes any buyer’s interest. 

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3. Education 

The Classic Towns offer phenomenal schooling options where finding the perfect fit is seamless. A number of early education, middle, and high school choices give parents the freedom to pick from private and public opportunities. Incomparable academics and competitive athletic and art programs makes Classic Town schools stand out from ones you can find in the city. College institutes like Rowan and West Chester University also call a Classic Town home. 

Photo Credit: West Chester University

4. Transportation & Accessibility 

The Classic Towns are perfect distances from major cities, and transportation in the towns makes getting around a stress-free experience. Bus and train options from SEPTAAMTRAK, and PATCO gives passengers ways to travel in their area and into the city easily. Residents looking to commute into the city have regional rail and high speed options while bus schedules run frequently around smaller areas. Balancing work, fun, and home life is simple when utilizing the Classic Towns transportation. 

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5. Dining

Fine dining, casual eateries, and impeccable bakery and dessert options make the Classic Towns not only a delicious destination, but a foodie’s paradise. Visitors flock to the towns for tasteful treats and unique dinners that provide genuine service in a small-town atmosphere. Family-owned operations and local bars where they know you by name make it easy for patrons to find their hometown favorites. Main-street musts, hidden gems, and emerging culinary risk-takers stand out from any urban fare. 

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6. Shopping

Speciality retail shops and homegrown boutiques line the Classic Towns streets, making each individual community a shopping hub. Local grocers and gourmet staple shops cater to all tastes while clothing locations range from luxurious to thrifty. The Classic Towns offer shopping experiences with a suburban touch you simply can’t buy anywhere else.

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7. Events

Each Classic Town holds special events that are unique to its specific community. From weekend festivities and farmers markets, to craft shows and holiday celebrations, there is always something fun and family-friendly happening in town. Seasonal events like summer fireworks and parades are favorites for the kids while craft beer and wine festivals always draw an adult crowd. No matter your age or location, Classic Town events constantly give everyone the chance to make lasting memories in a community they appreciate.

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8. Parks & Recreation

With multiple local and state parks, there are endless opportunities to get outside and explore nature in the Classic Towns. Water sports, hiking paths, and mountain bike trails make for perfect activities for the adventure fan, while birdwatching and relaxed picnics are great alternatives for a more laid-back day. Locals don’t have to travel far for the spacious parks that have become popular weekend stops. 

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9. Arts & Entertainment

Theaters, museums, and galleries are in large supply in the Classic Towns. You can enjoy Broadway-worthy performances or check out local work from talented artisans. Feel free to visit one of the many art shops to create your own work or to purchase a piece for your home. Musical and comedy acts frequent the towns for one-of-a-kind concerts in amazing venues. Community members can test their acting chops in local theater productions that will surely win over the toughest critic.   

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10. Small Town Amenities 

Small-town appeal is evident everywhere in our New Jersey and Pennsylvania towns. Convenient libraries, hospitals, government departments, and walkable attractions make living in the communities easy to maneuver and enjoyable for all. The cozy feel and family-orientated nature of all of the Classic Towns are luxuries you simply can’t find in the city. 

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