Lansdowne Landing is a Summer Must-See

For our latest List List List we’re spotlighting a brand-new community gathering spot that is doing big things this summer: Lansdowne Landing, located in the heart of historic downtown Lansdowne, Pa. The area celebrated its grand opening in May and has been welcoming guests and a variety of events ever since. Here are eight reasons why you must check out the Landing this season!

1. Escape the Hustle and Bustle of the City 

Lansdowne Landing puts a Classic Town spin on the popular gathering spots you can usually only find in the city. Inspired by places like Philadelphia’s own Porch at 30th Street Station or Spruce Street Harbor Park, Lansdowne Landing is a fun, festive spot that allows you to get everything the city attractions offer without the drive! Parking around the area is incredibly easy with options around downtown and a municipal lot on N. Highland Ave. The Landing also brings with it the artistic touch Philly appreciates so much, featuring a ground mural by Lansdowne native and Penn Wood alumni Brad Carney of the Philadelphia Mural Arts program. Forget the crowds and traffic and enjoy a peaceful and inviting atmosphere right in the iconic and homey town we love. 

Photo Credit: Lansdowne Landing  

2. Age and Pet-Friendly 

The community gathering spot encourages guests of all ages to stop by and enjoy the space. Tiny tots are free to explore the Landing’s special sensory walls while older kids can put the open space and their energy to good use with fun activities. Adults can chat over local coffee at one of the many seating options while furry friends bask in the summer weather! 

Photo Credit: Lansdowne Landing Instagram    

3. Time Flexible 

Whether you’re looking for a perfect daytime option while school’s out, or an evening date-night idea, Lansdowne Landing is available for it all. The space is open from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m., seven days a week. Frequent the space on any weekday as a relaxing way to get out of the house or at night under the stars!

Photo Credit: Lansdowne Landing Instagram 

4. Perfect Private Event Space

Lansdowne Landing is a great option for your next personal event! The area is free to use and can be easily reserved by filling out the correct waiver. There are three distinct areas that are available for reservation: the cafe, family room, and lounge. You could use the space for a meet-and-greet for your organization, host a fun community workshop, move your business outside for a day or evening, curate a night of live music, or just enjoy being outside in Lansdowne. 

Photo Credit: Lansdowne Landing Facebook 

5. The Best Location

With the Landing being within downtown Lansdowne and so close to multiple attractions, it’s no surprise why so many people have fallen in love with it. The walkability of the town makes it easy to check out the restaurants and shops before heading to the Landing. The area is also already home to the popular Lansdowne Farmers Market and across from the historic Lansdowne Theatre. The market opens every Saturday from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. and hosts a variety of new and returning vendors each week for a truly unique shopping experience. You can buy local at the market and then spend time lounging at the Landing. 

Photo Credit: Lansdowne Farmers Market Facebook 

6. Community Activities

Lansdowne Landing has a calendar full of amazing activities that truly encourage neighborhood unity. Stop by for a changing schedule of free events, from family-friendly fun to live music, food trucks, and more! The space has already hosted meditation nights and even a Worldwide Knit in Public Day social. Ideas are constantly added and put into the works so there’s always something exciting to look forward to! Make sure you check out Library on the Go, hosted by Lansdowne Public Library on July 10th and 25th. 

Photo Credit: Lansdowne Landing Instagram 

7. Relaxing Atmosphere

You don’t have to go far or pay too much to sit back and chill out all summer long. The relaxing, BYOB space is the ideal area to picnic with a bottle of wine or 6-pack of local brews. You can also pack snacks for an inexpensive way to dine out in the Classic Towns. Kick up your feet and take in the beautiful scenery, potted plants, and community love. 

Photo Credit: Lansdowne Landing Instagram 

8. Uniting the Community

Even before its opening, Lansdowne Landing has done a phenomenal job with creating an inclusive and united spot for the entire neighborhood. Community members volunteered their time to help build and arrange the Landing while some had the pleasure to aid in painting the infamous mural. Since its inception, the area has continually attracted guests with its welcoming nature and community-building events. Their cookout potluck invited all to come out, bring a dish, and enjoy the Landing. 

Photo Credit: Lansdowne Landing Instagram

Lansdowne Landing will always be the engaging and inspiring place it has become today and we can’t wait to see what the future holds for this Classic Town attraction!