Around the Classic Towns – Sustainability

We conclude our Around the Classic Towns video blog series with sustainability, highlighting how consumers can support Classic Town businesses and activities that operate with sustainable practices, and why that’s important in our towns. Come along as we visit Collingswood, Woodbury, Media, and Lansdale.


We began our day in Collingswood to stop by the Clover Market. The Market is a traveling, open-air market that features high quality crafts, handmade items, vintage clothing and jewelry, and up-cycled items and architectural salvage. Their goal is to provide opportunities for talented, independent and local artisans and dealers to connect with customers and with each other in a vibrant and friendly marketplace, which is free and open to the public.


Next on the trip was a visit to Woodbury to see how FAF Coalition is preparing for their upcoming summer season. The FAF Coalition champions initiatives rich in arts, culture, and sustainable design as a catalyst for community development and economic revitalization. They execute those initiatives by creating engaging places and innovative experiences that transform the community. FAF has a variety of upcoming seasonal events including their Summer Opening on June 1st!


We continue to Lotus Farm to Table. Located in the first Fair Trade town in the USA, Lotus is a sustainable, fair trade restaurant in Media. Many of Media’s shops and businesses follow Fair Trade standards, a certification that encourages products to positively impact the lives of the over one million Fair Trade farmers and their families. Lotus is committed to a sustainable way of life, featuring local and organic ingredients in their dishes.


The video concludes with a spotlight on Boardroom Spirits in Lansdale. Boardroom Spirits operates sustainably by doing their part in the ‘circle of life.’ They look for innovative ways to reuse byproducts of the distilling process to avoid generating waste. Boardroom also uses locally sourced ingredients to ensure quality and sustainability exceeds customer’s normal standards.


Thanks for experiencing our spotlight on sustainability in the Classic Towns! We hope you seek out all the amazing sustainable businesses and activities offered in the towns this season.