One of Pennsylvania’s best kept secrets!

Quakertown has been known by different names, and just as many historical events, since its settlement in the early 18th century. Located about an hour north of Philadelphia, this little community made up of Welsh and German farmers was originally known as “The Great Swamp” and “Richland Centre” (as it was located in the middle of Richland Township)—it was not until 1803 that the name Quakertown was established along with the town’s first post office. Along with its establishment, Quakertown came to be a stop over for stagecoaches and commercial traffic between Allentown and Philadelphia. Later on, The North Pennsylvania Railroad, would be deemed principally responsible for the growth of the town—by 1880 Quakertown’s population reached almost 1,800. Today, about 9,000 residents live here.

Don’t let Quakertown’s humble beginnings fool you! A couple notable historical events took place in this little town. In 1877, the Liberty Bell was hidden here behind Liberty Hall on its way to Allentown during the American Revolution so it would not be found. Also, the house of Richard Moore, a local potter, is said to have been the most important stop of the Underground Railroad in Bucks County.

Homes & Community

The Quakertown Historic District is home to 2,400 residences all located within one square mile. Due to a growth period dating 1850-1904, the town hosts a strong Victorian and early 20th century architectural style.

Today, Quakertown is home to a tight knit community, complete with its own farmer’s market, affordable housing, good schools, low taxes, borough owned utilities, an in-town community hospital, as well as 144 acres of diverse parkland connecting major regional nature trails. Popular daily activities for locals and visitors alike are visits to the YMCA and library, as well as the diverse selection of restaurants and charming cafes.

Business & Economy

Quakertown is an attractive town for businesses as it hosts a skilled workforce, affordable real estate, tax abatement programs and incentives, as well as a number of business organizations and resources including The Upper Bucks Chamber of Commerce and Quakertown Alive.

The Quakertown Historical Society opened the beautifully renovated Upper Bucks Visitor Center this summer. Located within the Quakertown Historic District, this new venue is not only an excellent source of information but is home to a museum featuring the historical heritage of industrial Quakertown with some artifacts dating back 150 years!

Quakertown Alive works to revitalize the downtown area of Quakertown by providing leadership programs and the necessary resources. New to the area and not sure where to begin? The Upper Bucks Chamber of Commerce is an excellent source for meeting new people and building professional relationships.

Regarding transportation, the regional rail is within a 15-20 minute drive, and bus service is available to metropolitan areas (Philadelphia, New York City, Atlantic City). The major highways that pass through Quakertown are PA-313, PA 309, and there is easy access to I476, I78, PA Routes 202, 611.

Activities & Destinations

Pedestrian friendly and surrounded by nature, Quakertown hosts a number of events and festivals throughout the year including: Upper Bucks Brewfest (beer festival), Quakertown Fire Department Carnival, Arts Alive–the Juried spring Festival-3rd Saturday in May, Autumn Alive Fall Festival- 3rd Saturday in October and the Tree Lighting first Friday in December Festival, amongst others.

Memorial Park & Stadium is the perfect place to be in the summer during the free Concerts in the Park series that take place annually, this year being the program’s 28th year! People of all ages gather to relax beneath the trees and share picnics while taking in the music. A kids favorite here is Panther Park Playground, complete with fortress and tire swings.

Main Street Park is on the southern end of Main Street and provides basketball courts, a softball field and a skate park. Grab an afternoon cup of coffee while you watch the children!

Historic Quakertown Train Station is centrally located in Downtown Quakertown and the completely restored former Reading R.R. Co. passenger station is available for events. The facility is run entirely by volunteer society members.