The incredible community of Souderton

Souderton and Telford — two distinct towns creating one incredible community. Souderton-Telford grew from the fertile farmland of the Indian Valley. Originally inhabited by the Lenape Indians, the land was purchased by William Penn in 1684. For much of its history, these communities remained agriculture in nature. Nearly 200 years later, a railroad came to town bringing textile mills and industrial factories. With the end of World War II, the clothing industry experienced a decline, yet a number of opportunities emerged as large farm families erected factories to process their foods. Today, these communities continue to grow. Much of their employment base and community traits remain intact, and new and existing businesses are thriving in the Boroughs. While both maintain their own unique identity, together, they form one of the most impressive, caring, and committed communities in our region.

Homes & Community

Souderton-Telford offers a special small town feel. Their highly regarded elementary and middle schools are within walking and biking distance of both Boroughs, and a new, state-of-the-art high school will serve educational and community needs long into the future. Evening classes for adults are even offered, allowing residents to learn new languages, discover hidden talents, or embark on new careers.

The housing stock in Souderton-Telford includes row homes, townhouses, twins, and single-units. Many are built in traditional styles including Queen Anne, Arts and Crafts, and Victorian, and much remains unchanged since original construction.

The character of these communities can be gauged by how well they take care of their children, their families, and their most needy. All who live here truly play a part in the community. Most residents dedicate their time to serving one of its many community groups or participating in outreach programs available through the community’s many diverse houses of worship.

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Business & Economy

Many of Souderton-Telford’s businesses can trace their roots in the community for countless generations. Univest, one of the region’s leading financial service firms, was incorporated in 1877. Its corporate headquarters remain in the community and employs a large number of residents. Moyer & Son (now Moyer Indoor/Outdoor), is another company with local roots.

Neighbors and neighborhoods are both very supportive of these local businesses, allowing for their sustained success. Major highways and busses also make it easy for Souderton-Telford residents to access the plentiful opportunities in the surrounding region. Leading industries include high tech manufacturing, life science, and information technology. Expanding corporate headquarters in Souderton and Harleysville enhance the employment mix. The Indian Valley Chamber of Commerce is actively involved in supporting local businesses. It includes 450 members consisting of entrepreneurs and individuals who are dedicated to promoting a favorable economic climate and enhancing the quality of life in the Indian Valley Area. Learn more about business opportunities in Souderton and Telford

Activities & Destinations

Residents often come together to support civic needs and celebrate their pride of living in such a tight-knit community. In fact, community service is as much a part of the local culture as sports programs and the annual soapbox derby. Make no mistake; residents take time to have fun. The Boroughs of Souderton and Telford are home to more than 30 different eating establishments. From takeout to fine dining to Farmer’s Markets, residents enjoy access to an array of incredible options. After enjoying a magnificent meal and dessert from Asher’s Chocolates, many residents then make their way to the Montgomery Theater to enjoy Broadway-caliber shows in their equity theater or take part in its acting classes.

Together, the communities offer more than ten parks in total. The recreational centerpieces are Souderton’s Community Park and Community Pool and Telford’s Municipal Park. Souderton’s Community Park and Pool offers athletic fields and a band shell where Concert Sundaes in the Park are held throughout the summer. Telford’s Municipal Park offers baseball and soccer fields, basketball courts, and playground equipment.

The Univest Grand Prix is another attraction. Held in early-September, this three-day bike competition brings more than 150 international professional riders to Souderton for a 100 mile race that culminates in an exciting sprint to the finish with 11 final laps in town. The community takes on a festival atmosphere with food and fun for the whole family.

With all this in the local community, there is even more to be found immediately outside these boroughs. Spring Mountain is within ten minutes of Souderton-Telford. More than just for skiing and snowboarding, it is a year-round destination for adventure-seekers, offering rock-climbing, hiking, zip-lining, GEO caching, and more.